Posted Date Closing Date Type Description Status Download
3/9/20174/9/2017AlertRC-026-B-2017 -Security System- Bid Cancellation ActiveDownload
3/20/20173/20/2018AlertRC-040-B-2017 Security System - Addendum 1 ActiveDownload
3/24/20172/24/2018AlertRC-040-B-2017 Security System - Addendum 2 ActiveDownload
3/27/20174/14/2017AlertRC-031-P-2017 Demo/Replacement of MHUs Addendum 1 ActiveDownload
3/28/20174/28/2017AlertRC-031-P-2017 Demo & Repl MHU Addendum 2 ActiveDownload
3/29/20174/28/2017AlertRC-PWE-109-2017 Hunters Run Ph 1 Addendum 1 ActiveDownload
3/30/20174/28/2017AlertRC-035-Q-2017 Design-Build Mag Office Addendum 1 ActiveDownload
3/30/20174/14/2017AlertRC-039-B-2017-Addendum 001 ActiveDownload
3/30/20174/28/2017AlertRC-PWE-109-2017 Hunters Run Ph 1 Addendum 2 ActiveDownload
Bid Tabulation
Posted Date Closing Date Type Description Status Download
3/7/20174/7/2017Bid TabulationRC-026-CN-2017 Bid Tabulation ActiveDownload
3/14/20173/31/2017Bid TabulationRC-021-P-2017-Applicant Tracking System TabulationActiveDownload
3/16/20173/31/2017Bid TabulationRC-030-B-2017 Animal Capture System Bid TabulationActiveDownload
3/23/20174/5/2017Bid TabulationRC-PWE-108-1617 Dawson Pond Dam Repair Tabulation ActiveDownload
3/29/20174/13/2017Bid TabulationRC-032-B-2017 Survelliance System Bid Tabulation ActiveDownload
3/30/20174/14/2017Bid TabulationRC-040-B-2017 Security System Bid Tabulation ActiveDownload
Notice of Intent to Award
Posted Date Closing Date Type Description Status Download
2/17/20172/9/2018Notice of Intent to AwardRC-022-P-2017 5 Year Consolidated Housing Plan ActiveDownload
3/21/20173/31/2017Notice of Intent to AwardRC-026-CN-2017 Northpoint Ind Park NITA ActiveDownload
3/21/20174/7/2017Notice of Intent to AwardRC-030-B-2017 Animal Capture System-Intent ActiveDownload
3/23/20174/4/2017Notice of Intent to AwardRC-PWE-107-1617 Summit Sidewalk Intent to Award ActiveDownload
3/27/20174/15/2017Notice of Intent to AwardRC-012-P-2017 Water & Sewer Rate Study NITA ActiveDownload
3/29/20174/8/2017Notice of Intent to AwardRC-032-B-2017 Survelliance System Intent to Award ActiveDownload